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Chatur Ringtone (Padne Ki Takat Speech)

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Jahanpanah Tussi Great Ho

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Installing PHP & IIS 7 on Windows 7

Windows 7 PHP IIS 7Here is a simple way to install PHP and IIS 7 or IIS 7.5 on Windows 7. First of all we need to create php folder in C drive and unzip the downloaded PHP files to this folder…… read more>>

What is Cloud Computing ? Scope & Career Opportunities

Cloud Computing Data CenterCloud computing is a mechanism that enables management of computing and IT infrastructure to be consolidated in one or more data centers to reduce the overall cost of operating computing facilities…. read more>>

Cyberculture By Pierre Levy

Cyberculture Pierre LevyPierre Levy has contributed to Cyberculture as an author. Levy is a professor in the department of Hypermedia at the University of Paris-VIII, scientific advisor to the TriVium company, and member of the advisory board of the Pompidou Center’s Virtual Review… read more>>

Folder Lock without any Software

Folder Lock without any S W So, here you go. …….. Open Notepad and copy the below code and save as locker.bat. Don t forget to change your password in the code it s shown the place where to type your password. Now double click on locker .bat First time start it will create folder with Locker automatically for u. After creation of the Locker folder, place the contents u want to lock inside the Locker Folder and run locker.bat again. I hope this comes in handy J … read more>>

Cross Browser PNG Fix for Internet Explorer

PNG Background FixHere is a better use of the AlphaImageLoader fix that would avoid the use of conditional statements for use with cross browser support (as well as cross version for IE 5.5 and up)…. read more>>