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Save 25000 litres of water every year. Save Life

An average Mumbai family of four gets 360 litres of water every day. While this is less than what residents in other large international cities get, the city’s residents are among the more pampered in the country.
As the city tries to conserve water, here are six simple things you could do in your house to reduce water usage no matter what city you live in.
REDUCE CAPACITY OF FLUSH TANK: Most toilets have large flush tanks that send 12-15 litres of water into the drain with every push of the knob.
Put a brick, a piece of styrofoam or a closed bottle in the tank and reduce the capacity of the flush tank by a few litres. It takes just 5-6 litres to flush a toilet bowl clean.
SAVE: Considering that a toilet in a home is flushed at least 10 times… read more>>